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About the project

For the anniversary of Techcombank, we had the honor of creating a special commemorative book that showcases the people who have made significant contributions to the bank. The book features the bank's contributors, achievements, and milestones, accompanied by captivating videos that take viewers behind the scenes of the book-making process.

Our team played a crucial role in bringing this project to life, from ideation to execution. We used our expertise in 3D rendering, video production, and project management to deliver a final product that leaves viewers with a stunning impression.

Client: Techcombank

Year: 2015

layers of the book
layers of the prototype of the book
typography "honor" design on a computer screen
the honors book in the accompanying box
honors book front
honors book back
wireframe and measurement of the honors book
honors book open
close up of a page ashowing square underline patter of the paper
the decoration pattern on the book cover
"the honors techcomers since 2013" logo of the book
"the honors techcomers" logo book cover
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