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Lay's Tet

About the project

Embracing the heartwarming spirit of the Lunar New Year, FELIC Studio is proud to unveil a captivating TVC for Lay's. Set against the backdrop of Vietnam's most cherished festival, our visual narrative underscores the values of family, togetherness, and the simple joy of sharing Lay's potato chips.

Our TVC unfolds a tale of familial bonds and shared moments, where every crunch of Lay's echoes the laughter and love that fills the air during the Lunar New Year. We capture the warmth of family gatherings, the joyous exchanges of good wishes, and the shared smiles over a bag of Lay's.

At FELIC Studio, we believe in the power of visual storytelling to bring people together. Our team of skilled designers and animators have poured their creativity into every frame of this TVC, crafting a visual experience that resonates with the spirit of the season. From the glow of lanterns to the shared joy over a bag of Lay's, we've captured the essence of the Lunar New Year.

Join us in celebrating the Lunar New Year with Lay's. Experience the magic of shared moments and familial bonds, all brought to life through our lens. As always, we're committed to creating visual narratives that not only stand out but also touch hearts and create lasting memories.

Client: Lay's

Year: 2019

A kid excitedly opens Lay's
Lay's Lunar New Year Packaging
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