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Curated Projects

Experience the visual depth of pharmaceutical innovation through our immersive 3D images and videos. From product demonstrations to stunning animations, our creations for StellaPharm bring their scientific breakthroughs to life with unparalleled realism.

StellaPharm medicine boxes
StellaPharm medicine boxes arranged spirally

We created a special anniversary book and 3D render for Techcombank to honor the individuals who have contributed to the bank's success over the years. The book features stunning visuals and is accompanied by a behind-the-scenes video showcasing the making of this special project.

techcombank honor book frame
techcombank honor open book

Featuring a collection of logos created by for various brands, each tailored to reflect their unique personalities and messages. Watch as they come to life through stunning 2D animations and seamless transitions.

urban green logo animation
adidas logo animation
felic-studio-event-design-3d-visualizer-animation-viettel.PNG designed the visualizer for Viettel’s Y-Fest event in Saigon, introducing their virtual KOL, Vi An. Our team of expert designers and animators created a stunning visual experience that captured the energy of the event.

viettel vi an
y-fest logo
Lay's Lunr New Year Packaging

FELIC Studio brings to life the warmth of the Lunar New Year with a captivating TVC for Lay's. Set in the festive atmosphere of Vietnam, our visual narrative celebrates the joy of family gatherings, shared laughter, and the simple pleasure of enjoying Lay's potato chips together. Experience the spirit of the season through our lens, where every crunch of Lay's echoes the love and togetherness that defines this cherished festival.

A kid opens Lay's potato chips
A hand pick up Lay's potato chips
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